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The Big Movement of Anti-Establishment continues

The Big Movement of Anti-Establishment continues
Today confirmed what I have being saying 3 months before Brexit vote. We have seen right, left and center political parties and now moving toward a new political name which is called Anti- Establishment. Watch out next year election in Germany and France. People are fed with the Establishment defying so called expert opinion, defying so called experience and defying all political system and machinery.
We are all so focus on Globalisation that we forget the local people their needs and their struggle in a day to day live.
Let be very clear we can’t blame Nigel Farage for making Brexit possible nor Donald Trump for making the impossible despite his very unacceptable remarks but we definitely can blame the establishment that think they can do whatever they want, lie at every election of how they can make our life better and return to the old manners again. We can blame the indifference of established politician that think politics belong to them and for their generation and they knows it all.
I have no doubt political dynastic will be a thing of the past and anyone going again the establishment and come out from the local people, understand the need to local people will succeed.
So don’t be shock with today result but be prepare for more upset in future elections around the western world and even in Mauritius.

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