Our Focus – koosrajrammanah

Our Focus

We all acknowledge that the youth are not interested in Politic or with politician – high unemployment within degree holders as well as skilled Youth, no future prospects, corruption an acceptable norms and many more:

Apart from the work already been done you may considered the below:
Social media must play an important role on our campaign to attract young people.
Your Youth section must be actively looking to participant in debate – for this to happen the party must officially back the idea being part of our strategy.
Facebook for example must not only be used to display information but more as a debate forum for ideas and suggestion. Twitter must be used to inform youth about development and updates
Looking at America and Obama – their strategy was always micro – meaning as well as using the old channel to attract votes they put a huge emphasis on micro team where most were young blood and new faces – they set offices in various counties and deal with young people, educate them and convince them on an individual basis.